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Vancouver’s Vegas Donut Shop: Elvis, Grand Opening, and Sweet Surprises

by Celia

A new donut shop with a Vegas twist has recently opened its doors in Vancouver, bringing bright colors, retro vibes, and a taste of Sin City to the city’s donut scene.

Vegas Donuts, situated at the intersection of King Edward and Knight Street, is the brainchild of brothers Mike and Steve McBean. The inspiration for the shop stems from their grandparents’ own donut venture in Las Vegas during the 1960s. Drawing from family recipes, Vegas Donuts offers a variety of treats, including cream-filled and powder sugar-dusted yeast donuts displayed upright in cups.

Following a soft opening earlier this month, the shop is experiencing a surge in business, described by Mike McBean as “Vegas style.” A grand opening event is scheduled for Saturday, May 11, promising a patio donut party with an appearance by none other than Elvis Presley.

Despite its recent debut, Vegas Donuts is already proving popular, with products flying off the shelves. “We’re filling the cases twice a day and then we’re closing early because we’re selling out,” explains McBean.

The menu features an array of sweet indulgences, including cake donuts with Americana or Vegas-inspired monikers like “All In,” “Jack Lemon,” and “Cherry Lewis.” Additionally, customers can enjoy a daily fritter with a rotating fruit selection and “Golden Nuggets” (donut holes). For the more adventurous palates, there’s even a dill pickle and cream cheese flavor on offer.

“People might be skeptical at first, but it’s surprisingly delicious,” assures McBean. “The first person we served it to was unsure, but after trying it, he gave us a thumbs up in the parking lot.”

Vegas Donuts operates from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, except Sundays, at its location on 4003 Knight St. McBean hints at the possibility of extending weekend hours to accommodate late-night cravings.

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