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Randy’s Donuts Brings Californian Delight to Phoenix

by Celia

Randy’s Donuts, a cherished institution in California, has officially extended its reach to Phoenix, offering locals a taste of its renowned treats.

Established in 1952 with its flagship store in Inglewood, California, Randy’s Donuts inaugurated its first Arizona outlet last month.

Situated on Seventh Street, just a short distance south of Bethany Home Road, Randy’s Phoenix location joins the ranks of its 17 other establishments across the United States, spanning California, Nevada, and Georgia. Additionally, the brand boasts 21 international stores in South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines. Further expansion plans include new openings later this year in Albuquerque, Las Vegas, and several locations across California.

Spoiled for choice, customers can indulge in a diverse array of offerings. Options range from the innovative “crondy,” a fusion of croissant and doughnut, to the colossal Texas-sized doughnut. The menu also features intriguing selections from their fancy and premium collections, such as matcha-flavored doughnuts or those adorned with Fruity Pebbles.

During a recent visit, I opted for a variety of treats to sample, including a butter crumb raised, a s’mores, and a maple raised topped with miniature churros. Each bite proved delightful, with the s’mores doughnut evoking nostalgic campfire memories, and the churro-topped creation delivering irresistible flavors.

While all options impressed, the simplicity of the butter crumb doughnut stood out as my personal favorite, despite being less elaborate than its counterparts.

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