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Angus Bakery Hosts Heartwarming Greek Easter Barbecue, Uniting Local Orthodox Community

by Celia

In Simcoe County, the Orthodox Easter celebrations took on a delightful sense of community spirit as a beloved family-run bakery, the Greekery Bakeshop in Angus, opened its doors for a special event aimed at uniting members of the Orthodox community.

Owners Costa and Deanna Riska orchestrated a memorable Greek Easter barbecue, extending a warm invitation to their customers to partake in a feast of traditional Greek delights. From succulent lamb to savory sausages and an array of homemade Greek specialties, the menu was designed to tantalize the taste buds and evoke the rich culinary heritage of Greece.

Established in March of 2022, the Greekery Bakeshop has swiftly become a beacon of Greek culture in Simcoe County, offering not only delectable treats like Greek frappes and baklavas but also serving as a gathering place where the community can come together to celebrate traditions and forge connections.

Looking ahead, Costa and Deanna express their heartfelt commitment to continuing the tradition of hosting the Easter barbecue for many years to come, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among their patrons.

For those eager to experience the warmth and flavor of Greek hospitality, the Greekery Bakeshop warmly welcomes visitors to their location at 223 Mill St., Unit 4, in Angus, Ontario.

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