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Estonian Baker Robert Marrandi Introduces Traditional Rye Bread to Italy

by Celia

Robert Marrandi, an Estonian baker, has found success in Florence, Italy, by introducing locals to the delights of Estonian rye bread. Alina Birjuk delves into Marrandi’s journey and his bakery, Wild Buns Bakery.

Having resided in Florence for over eight years, Marrandi reflects on his journey, stating that his venture began as a pop-up bakery four years ago. Initially catering to a Scandinavian audience, Marrandi’s products gained traction through visits to various coffee shops in Florence.

Marrandi’s decision to settle in Italy was spontaneous, with Florence chosen almost arbitrarily during a road trip. He notes that many find Florence to be an ideal starting point due to its charm and conducive environment.

The Wild Buns Bakery officially opened its doors in September 2022, following Marrandi’s initial foray into pop-up baking. Starting modestly at home for friends, Marrandi’s venture gradually gained momentum through social media.

Addressing the challenge of introducing Estonian flavors to Italian palates, Marrandi acknowledges initial apprehension regarding the reception of ingredients like cinnamon and cardamom. However, over time, both locals and foreigners alike have embraced the bakery, with Italians forming a significant portion of Marrandi’s clientele.

Beyond serving as a haven for homesick expatriates, Marrandi emphasizes his desire to cater to Italians, highlighting the growing number of local patrons. The bakery has not only facilitated Marrandi’s integration into the community but has also inspired admiration among young Italians, showcasing the entrepreneurial possibilities for foreigners in Florence.

Marrandi proudly incorporates elements of Estonian cuisine into his menu, featuring traditional brown bread made with flour sourced from Estonia and yeast passed down from his grandmother. The bakery’s offerings have piqued the curiosity of Italians, fostering a culture of culinary exploration among patrons.

Rooted in childhood memories of baking with his grandmother, Marrandi’s passion for breadmaking is evident in his dedication to preserving Estonian culinary traditions. Despite the distance from his homeland, Marrandi finds solace in the occasional visits from fellow Estonians, who seek out his rye bread as a taste of home.

Looking ahead, Marrandi expresses optimism for Estonia’s culinary scene and envisions a vibrant future for the country. He emphasizes Estonia’s digital advancements and burgeoning restaurant culture, eagerly anticipating a return to savor the flavors of his homeland.

Marrandi’s journey exemplifies the fusion of cultures and the power of gastronomy to bridge geographical divides, enriching both his life in Italy and the palates of his patrons.

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