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Louks Greek Baby Donuts Offers Authentic Greek Treats in American Fork, Utah

by Celia

In the bustling landscape of Utah’s dessert scene dominated by sodas and cookies, discovering an ancient Greek delight is a rare find. Nestled in American Fork, Louks Greek Baby Donuts presents a distinctive and delectable experience with its offerings, rumored to have origins tracing back to the historic Olympic Games. The star of their menu? Loukoumades, fondly known as “Louks” in Greek, translating to Greek baby donuts.

According to information provided on the Louks website, these golden “honey tokens” were bestowed upon participants of the inaugural Greek Olympics in 776 B.C. as a tribute to their athletic prowess.

The tale of Louks Greek Baby Donuts begins with the collaboration of Greek entrepreneurs George Zoumberakis and Constantine Marougas. Zoumberakis, deeply rooted in his Greek heritage, shares, “I was born and raised in LA, but both of my parents hail from the island of Crete, making me a first-generation Greek.” He further reminisces about his mother’s renown as the finest Greek baker in Downey, California.

In 2018, Marougas conceptualized the idea for the store during a trip to Crete. Enchanted by the offerings at a local louks establishment, he resolved to introduce this culinary gem to his hometown in California. Despite lacking prior experience in loukoumades preparation, Marougas, equipped with culinary training and a baking background, embarked on an extensive trial-and-error journey to perfect the recipe. While traditional louks are traditionally adorned with honey, cinnamon, and crushed walnuts, Marougas sought to elevate the dessert by experimenting with additional fillings, toppings, ice cream, and flavor combinations. The result? A resounding success, as the unique treat quickly gained popularity upon the opening of the first Louks location in California.

Years later, Zoumberakis, inspired by his newfound passion for sharing these treats, ventured into Utah during midwinter. Witnessing a long queue outside a local establishment despite the chilly weather sparked his entrepreneurial spirit. “It was snowing and 25 degrees outside, and I saw a line out the door at Swig. It made me think, ‘I should get into the sugar business,'” recounts Zoumberakis. Within a few months, the inaugural Louks establishment in Taylorsville, Utah, was born. Fast forward to September 2023, and Zoumberakis expanded his culinary empire, establishing a location on 500 E. in American Fork.

Beyond its delectable offerings, the Louks store exudes charm with its friendly staff, Greek-inspired decor, and family-friendly menu. Zoumberakis aims to embody the essence of “filotimo,” a Greek term encapsulating an attitude of love, respect, and hospitality towards others.

The true stars of the show, however, are the treats themselves. Louks prides itself on freshness and authenticity, ensuring that all donuts are freshly rolled, fried, and baked every 30 minutes. Donuts left out for more than half an hour never make it to the customers’ hands. Customers can witness the meticulous process of donut preparation, from filling to topping and optional ice cream addition.

Maintaining authenticity, Louks imports its chocolate from Belgium or Italy and pairs its donuts with premium ice cream. Patrons of all ages can indulge in delightful combinations, including churro, strawberry shortcake, dulce de leche, and the classic Greek louks. Additionally, Louks offers a comprehensive espresso bar, along with an array of Greek pastries and breakfast items.

The taste experience at Louks is unparalleled. “They’re crispy on the outside and light and soft on the inside,” explains Zoumberakis. “It goes hand in hand with frying them fresh throughout the day. When people bite into them, they can tell they are not average donut holes. They describe them as tasting similar to funnel cakes and beignets.”

Having sampled both the classic louks and the specialty dulce de leche, the taste sensation is indeed remarkable. Louks is a culinary gem that cannot be missed.

The community response to Louks has been overwhelmingly positive at both Utah locations, with customers traveling over thirty minutes to savor the offerings, resulting in a stellar 4.9-star Google rating. “People are really surprised at the quality, the freshness, and that it’s something completely different,” remarks Zoumberakis. “I think everyone in Utah especially likes it because it is unique from what is out there.”

Looking ahead, Louks aspires to expand its presence further, with plans to open additional locations throughout Utah and California.

To indulge in the delights of Louks, customers can opt for walk-in, drive-through, curbside pickup, or DoorDash delivery options. Additionally, Louks caters to weddings and special events. Visit Louks at 541 S. 500 E. Unit F in American Fork for an authentic Greek treat experience.

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