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Bayou Saint Cake to Cease Bakery Operations

by Celia

Renowned baker Bronwen Wyatt, celebrated for her whimsical and artistic custom cakes, has announced the closure of Bayou Saint Cake’s bakery operations by the end of May. Wyatt shared this decision via Instagram, further detailing her rationale in her Substack newsletter. Reflecting on her journey, Wyatt confessed that while she garnered national acclaim for her confectionary creations, her true passions lie in artistry and writing. “For the past two years, I’ve been evading the persistent inner voice urging me to move on,” Wyatt disclosed in her newsletter. Readers are encouraged to delve into her newsletter for a comprehensive understanding. Despite the forthcoming closure, cake orders for May will commence next week, with Wyatt committing to continue offering online classes and recipes. Additionally, she expressed aspirations to venture into writing endeavors in the near future.

Top Chef Contestant Charly Pierre Victorious in Quickfire Challenge, Yet Eliminated

Charly Pierre, a prominent chef from New Orleans renowned for his establishment Fritai, emerged victorious in the Quickfire Challenge of Bravo’s Top Chef. Pierre’s innovative Creole chicken dish, crafted with ingredients sourced from the Dane County Farmers Market, earned him $7500. However, despite his initial triumph, Pierre faced elimination in the subsequent challenge, as reported by Eater Austin.

Expansion of Metairie Restaurant to Oak Street

La Tia Cantina, a beloved Mexican eatery in Metairie acclaimed for its signature cocktails, is set to unveil a second location on Oak Street later this summer, as per Nola.com. Branded as Aguasanta, the forthcoming establishment will feature a fusion of modern American cuisine with Mexican and Latin American influences. Patrons can anticipate an array of offerings, including a seafood bar and delectable roasted meats prepared in a wood-fired oven.

New Gluten-Free Cafe Opens in Gretna

Cara and Evan Benson, the culinary duo behind esteemed New Orleans eateries Toast and Tartine, have introduced a new cafe with extensive gluten-free options in Gretna, according to Nola.com. The Hen House, while not entirely gluten-free, boasts a menu that is highly customizable to accommodate dietary preferences. Among its offerings are freshly baked sandwich bread and gluten-free wraps, catering to a diverse array of tastes.

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