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“Homer’s”: The Ultimate Destination for Simpsons Fans and Donut Enthusiasts

by Celia

With The Simpsons embarking on its 35th season, the animated series remains an enduring icon in the realm of pop culture, captivating fans worldwide.

Nestled in Montreal, Homer’s emerges as a haven for aficionados of The Simpsons and connoisseurs of delectable donuts alike. Despite its recent opening last month, the shop draws a steady stream of patrons daily, evidenced by the perennial line snaking out its doors. For devotees of the animated sitcom, Homer’s promises an immersive experience, seamlessly blending thematic decor and an enticing menu selection that resonates with the show’s spirit.

Within its walls, patrons can indulge in a plethora of tantalizing flavors, including OREO, crème brûlée, and the whimsically named Cookie Monster, among others. Notably, the shop pays homage to The Simpsons’ cultural legacy by featuring the iconic pink-iced donut adorned with rainbow sprinkles.

Situated at 6206 Sherbrooke St W, Montréal, Homer’s is a local gem, regrettably beyond the reach of those outside the vicinity. However, for Montreal residents, a visit to this culinary tribute warrants an early arrival, as queues can extend up to 30 minutes, a testament to its burgeoning popularity.

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