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Dripp Donuts Announces Permanent Closure of Downtown Shreveport Location

by Celia

SHREVEPORT, La. – Dripp Donuts, a beloved local treat spot located on North Market Street, revealed on Monday its decision to permanently close its doors at the current location.

In a Facebook post addressing the closure, the management attributed the decision to the deteriorating condition of the building and the lack of responsive action from the property owner.

Despite efforts to salvage equipment through negotiations, the management expressed concerns about leaving behind substantial assets due to the building’s precarious structural state. They further lamented the inability to engage in constructive dialogue with Janie Landry, the director of DSDC, the building owner, and the Shreveport DDA.

The management team, in a bid to illuminate the challenges faced, acknowledged the persistent inquiries from patrons, supporters, and the media. They underscored the need to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the closure, highlighting the extended period during which they sought resolution from DSDC, amounting to nearly two months.

While no alternative location has been secured as of yet, the team assured patrons that the Dripp Hot Chicken outlet housed within Great Raft Brewery will remain operational.

The closure marks the end of an era for Dripp Donuts’ downtown presence, leaving patrons and enthusiasts with fond memories of the iconic treat spot.

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