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Lagom Bakery to Expand Great Western Road’s Culinary Landscape

by Celia

Lagom Bakery is set to debut its latest venture on Great Western Road, offering a comprehensive menu spanning breakfast, lunch, cakes, pastries, and a selection of Scottish ice cream and locally sourced coffee.

The brainchild of John Traynor, whose culinary expertise includes a background as a personal chef and orchestrating pop-up dining clubs, Lagom Bakery follows his successful establishments such as La Pastina, an Italian-style deli located on Byres Road, and Serendipity West, a beloved local brunch destination situated at 657 Great Western Road.

John Traynor shared insights into the forthcoming opening, emphasizing Lagom Bakery’s role as not only a standalone venue but also a central production hub for the delectable baked goods featured across his other establishments. He highlighted a commitment to elevating their pastry offerings, attributing the enhancement to a dedicated team of skilled bakers.

Scheduled to commence operations by the end of the month, Lagom Bakery will initially focus on breakfast and lunch services, with takeaway options available before gradually introducing afternoon tea and extending operating hours into the evening, featuring a seasonal dinner menu.

Explaining the significance behind the name “Lagom,” John Traynor elucidated its Swedish origin, conveying the ethos of balance and moderation—a principle reflected not only in the scale of the venue but also in its diverse offerings, catering to both Lagom’s clientele and patrons of La Pastina and Serendipity.

As for the culinary offerings, the breakfast and lunch menu promises an array of enticing options, including brunch bowls featuring hot smoked salmon, smashed avocado, taramasalata, toasted sourdough, and salsa verde, alongside dishes like poached eggs on toasted focaccia, za’atar spiced beans, feta, roast aubergine, and pomegranate with sumac dressing.

Lagom Bakery and Eatery is slated to open its doors at 521 Great Western Road, G12 8HN, marking another culinary addition to Glasgow’s vibrant dining scene.

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