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Pettigrew Bakeries Unveils Refreshed Identity in Cardiff’s Castle Arcade

by Celia

Celebrating its 8th anniversary, Pettigrew Bakeries, a cherished establishment among Cardiff’s craft bakeries, marks a significant milestone in its journey of growth and innovation.

From its humble beginnings opposite Victoria Park, the bakery has expanded its footprint across the Welsh capital, now operating from three locations and engaging in local farmers’ markets and wholesale endeavors.

Pettigrew Bakeries stands as a trailblazer in the craft sourdough baking scene of Cardiff, predating the surge of artisanal bakeries that now dot the cityscape.

Last summer, the addition of Pettigrew’s Roath Garage Bakery & Café on Moy Road, following the acquisition of local bakery brand Friends in Knead, further solidified its presence. This strategic move also facilitated the takeover of a quaint bakery shop within the historic Castle Arcade, which recently underwent a comprehensive refurbishment. The revamped space now boasts a charming upstairs café overlooking the Victorian arcade interior.

With its expansion, Pettigrew Bakeries now supports a team of 11 full and part-time bakers, alongside a total staff complement of 38 individuals.

In response to evolving consumer preferences, Pettigrew has broadened its product offerings, notably expanding its range of patisserie and artisan entremet collection. This growth was commemorated during a recent celebratory event at the newly renovated Castle Arcade shop & café, attended by friends, family, and suppliers.

Reflecting on the bakery’s journey, founder David Le Masurier expressed gratitude to loyal customers who stood by the business through various challenges. Le Masurier highlighted the significance of the bakery’s anniversary coinciding with the unveiling of their revamped city center location, emphasizing the continued commitment to innovative craft bakery in the Welsh capital.

Pettigrew Bakeries shares roots with Pettigrew Tearooms, located in the Grade II listed West Lodge of Cardiff’s Bute Park, renowned for its exquisite afternoon teas. Founded in 2012 by David Le Masurier, Pettigrew Tearooms emerged from his longstanding aspiration to establish a tearoom, chronicled on his blog, “I Want To Bake Free.”

The revitalization of Pettigrew Bakeries’ identity in Cardiff’s Castle Arcade not only underscores its dedication to serving the community but also marks a new chapter in its legacy of artisanal excellence.

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