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Universal CityWalk Orlando Says Farewell to Cinnabon and Quiet Flight Surf Shop

by Celia

Universal CityWalk Orlando bids farewell to two of its iconic establishments, Cinnabon and Quiet Flight Surf Shop, as they are slated for permanent closure later this month to pave the way for new experiences.

Located adjacent to each other just beyond the Universal Cinemark, Cinnabon and Quiet Flight have long been staples of the CityWalk landscape. Universal’s recent announcement hints at Cinnabon’s relocation to a new venue, although specifics regarding the replacements for these storefronts remain undisclosed.

Reports suggest that patrons will still be able to indulge in Cinnabon treats, with the brand slated to operate from Fresh Eats within the security hub. Additionally, Cinnabon carts are expected to be strategically placed throughout CityWalk, while plans are underway for the construction of a new kiosk near Margaritaville in the coming months.

The closure of Quiet Flight Surf Shop is scheduled for April 14, followed by Cinnabon’s departure from its current location on April 28.

In tandem with these closures, Universal CityWalk Orlando is poised to introduce an interactive Epic Universe preview center, set to occupy the space formerly occupied by the Universal Legacy Store.

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