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Dudes Donuts Introduces Gluten-Free, Vegan Options for All

by Celia

Every visit to a donut shop is a special treat. This rings especially true for two-year-old Kyoko Whinery, for whom Dudes Donuts offers the only donut options available due to her dietary restrictions.

“Kyoko has a rare syndrome called F-PIES, and she can’t have egg,” explained her mother, Katarina Whinery. “It is similar to an egg allergy but more severe. If she ever has any exposure, she’ll end up in the hospital.”

The kitchen at Dudes Donuts in Port Orchard maintains a strict policy against eggs, ensuring a 100% egg-free environment. Moreover, it operates as a dedicated gluten-free facility, with recipes crafted exclusively from plant-based ingredients.

“There’s no dairy and no eggs,” stated entrepreneur Matt Grady, who acquired Dudes Donuts a couple of years ago. “So the traditional way of making donuts? We don’t make them that way.”

Grady’s involvement in the local coffee scene, including ownership of Bainbridge Island’s Pegasus Coffee since 2019, provided a platform for expanding Dudes Donuts’ reach. Previously, Dudes Donuts were often sold out at Pegasus Coffee, prompting Grady to recognize further potential for growth when the original “donut dude” decided to move out of state.

“In the last two years, we’ve actually grown our distribution from 8 customers to 52,” Grady shared. “So we have 10 to 12 customers probably in Seattle now and growing. We’ve had some folks tell us these are the only doughnuts they can eat from 100 miles around, and they’re willing to drive a long way to get them.”

So, what does a plant-based, 100% gluten-free donut taste like? Described as more substantial and less airy compared to traditional donuts, they maintain an equally delicious flavor profile.

While catering to dietary restrictions, Dudes Donuts doesn’t compromise on fun.

“Almost any holiday, we find that people are coming in and buying dozens or six-packs, so we help celebrate with them by doing festive flavors and colors,” Grady added.

Variety is another draw for patrons like the Whinery family.

“It’s not just here’s the one option that you can have,” Katarina Whinery noted. “It’s anything you want, you can choose here, and she can eat it!”

The appeal of Dudes Donuts extends beyond dietary considerations. Kyoko’s sister, Mai-Ling, even finds the packaging irresistible, licking the bags they come in.

“Donuts for everyone,” Grady affirmed. “That’s what we’re here to do.”

Located on Bay Street in Port Orchard, Dudes Donuts welcomes visitors every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8 am to mid-afternoon.

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