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Leicestershire Bakery Introduces UK’s First “Weight-Loss” Doughnuts, Boasting Fewer than 30 Calories Each

by Celia

Leicestershire bakery Doughnotts made headlines today by introducing what they claim to be the UK’s inaugural “weight loss” doughnuts. These unique treats purportedly contain fewer than 30 calories each, a figure the bakery proudly asserts is lower than that found in a modest serving of broccoli.

Doughnotts asserts that even the most indulgent consumers need not worry about their waistlines with this innovative offering. According to the company, consuming an entire box from their limited-edition range would be akin to consuming only two medium-sized apples. Wade Smith, co-founder of Doughnotts, located near Loughborough in Sileby, shared insights into the development process, stating that months of meticulous research preceded the launch.

Acknowledging the challenges encountered during production, Smith remarked, “They’re a bit fiddly to make. We had to recruit an army of new bakers with very small hands just to get this range launched in time for April 1st.” Despite the challenges, Smith emphasizes the effort’s payoff, especially for customers who enjoy Doughnotts’ offerings but face scrutiny at weight management groups.

Seeking guidance from leading nutritional scientists, Doughnotts ultimately settled on crafting extremely petite doughnuts that maintain the taste profile of their standard range. However, due to the labor-intensive process involved—six doughnuts taking “about a day” to complete—only a single box was produced.

Reflecting on the culmination of their research and development, Smith expressed confidence in labeling their creation as the UK’s first weight-loss doughnuts.

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