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Birds Bakery Introduces Specially Crafted ‘Left-Handed’ Sausage Cob to Ensure Inclusivity for All Customers

by Celia

Birds Bakery, situated on Market Street in Ashby, has unveiled a novel addition to its product line tailored specifically for left-handed individuals. The introduction of the left-handed sausage cob reflects the bakery’s commitment to ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all its patrons.

Acknowledging the scarcity of products tailored to cater to the needs of left-handed individuals, Birds Bakery embarked on this initiative to ensure that every customer feels valued and accommodated.

A spokesperson from Birds expressed, “Upon scrutinizing the bakery market and evaluating our own offerings, we recognized a gap in user-friendliness, particularly with our sausage cob. Taking into account feedback from our clientele, we opted to introduce the left-handed sausage cob, ensuring that everyone can relish one of our signature products without the concern of mishandling.”

In the process of adapting the product, Birds Bakery collaborated with local hand-eye coordination specialist, Amber Dextrous, whose expertise proved instrumental in the refinement of the left-handed sausage cob.

Amber elucidated, “Throughout my career, I’ve encountered numerous instances where left-handed individuals encounter challenges in sourcing everyday items conducive to their needs, including food-related items. From utilizing cutlery to operating appliances, the struggle persists. Therefore, it’s imperative for us to mitigate this inconvenience to the best of our abilities.”

By pioneering the introduction of the left-handed sausage cob, Birds Bakery aims to set a precedent for other establishments within the baking industry to embrace inclusivity and tailor their offerings to accommodate diverse needs.

With 61 stores spanning the region, including outlets in Ashby and Coalville, Birds Bakery remains steadfast in its mission to provide accessible and enjoyable culinary experiences for all its patrons. Additionally, many of Birds’ products are available for online ordering and delivery through the Birds By Post service, further extending convenience to customers’ doorsteps.

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