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Sunnyslope Bakery Shuts Its Doors After Three Decades of Service

by Celia

After thirty years of serving up delectable European desserts and cultivating a loyal customer base, Karl’s Quality Bakery in Sunnyslope bids farewell as it prepares to close its doors this coming Sunday.

The bakery, nestled on Seventh Avenue and Dunlap Avenue since its establishment in 1994 by Karl Boerner, an esteemed master baker who emigrated from Germany, has been a beloved fixture in the community. Reflecting on the decades of operation, loyal patron Barbara Schay expressed fond sentiments, stating, “I love the people here. They’re wonderful. I wish them well for the future.”

On Wednesday morning, a steady stream of customers flocked to the bakery, eager to savor their favorite treats one last time. Among them was Christine Boerner, Karl Boerner’s daughter, who has been an integral part of the bakery since her childhood. Recalling her upbringing surrounded by the aromas of freshly baked goods, Christine remarked, “My parents are honest, hardworking people, and that really resonated with the neighborhood. There’s nothing super, super fancy about it. It’s just good food, good people.”

Christine, who took over operations in 2013 after honing her skills as a master confectioner, recounted the enduring support of the community throughout the bakery’s journey. Despite facing a relocation in 2014 due to lease complications, loyal customers remained steadfast, following the Boerner family to their new location off Central and Dunlap avenues, where they have been situated for the past decade.

“It’s been amazing. It’s been an experience,” Christine reflected on the bakery’s legacy. “I’ve learned things about life and just stuff in general being here with everybody, and it’s hard to encompass 30 years of your life. So just seeing everybody come in is amazing.”

As the bakery prepares to close its doors, Christine expressed her intention to prioritize spending time with her family, signaling the end of an era for Karl’s Quality Bakery. Among the well-wishers is patron Diana Brest, who shared sentiments of sadness at the bakery’s closure, stating, “I will miss them… they are great people.”

Looking ahead, Christine revealed that a local family will be taking over the premises, with plans to open a New York-style bakery, carrying on the tradition of culinary excellence in the community.

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