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Michigan Bakery Receives Community Support After Responding to Negative Online Review

by Celia

Bay City, Michigan – Barney’s BakeHouse Bakery, a beloved establishment in Bay City, Michigan, found itself in the spotlight recently after a negative review on Google caught the attention of the bakery’s owner and head baker, Jarrid Weighman. The bakery, known for its donuts, fresh bread, pastries, and grab-and-go meals, faced criticism that was deemed rude and ageist by the bakery’s supporters.

The incident unfolded when a Google review under the pseudonym “ItsHucci” rated Barney’s BakeHouse Bakery with one star, citing concerns over sporadic opening hours and making disparaging remarks about an elderly staff member. The review stated, “Not even open half the time considering the old lady that works there probably couldn’t get out of bed. Be ready to spend over $20 for a dozen doughnuts. Ridiculous.”

In response to the negative feedback, Weighman took to Facebook on Tuesday to defend his dedicated staff and address the unjust criticism. In a heartfelt post, Weighman expressed his appreciation for the hard work put in by his team, many of whom begin their day as early as 1 a.m. to ensure customers receive fresh bakery goods. He condemned the disrespectful behavior exhibited in the review and stood firmly in support of his employees.

“I want to sincerely apologize to my staff for the customer who verbally abused them and felt the need to leave a one-star review,” wrote Weighman in the post. “I take pride in and appreciate every staff person who works here. No one deserves this type of negativity.”

Acknowledging the outpouring of support from the community, Weighman emphasized that the derogatory review did not reflect the bakery’s loyal customer base. He expressed gratitude towards patrons who continue to support Barney’s BakeHouse Bakery and affirmed his team’s commitment to providing quality products and service.

Aside from its well-known pastry offerings, Barney’s BakeHouse Bakery expanded its business in October 2023 to Saginaw County, solidifying its presence in the local culinary scene. The bakery’s products are highly sought after, with local bars and restaurants frequently featuring their bread, buns, and desserts on their menus. Weighman highlighted a recent partnership with Jack’s Fruit & Meat Markets, where Barney’s BakeHouse Bakery products are now available for purchase.

As Barney’s BakeHouse Bakery stands resilient in the face of unwarranted criticism, the overwhelming support from the community serves as a testament to the cherished establishment’s enduring reputation and commitment to excellence in baked goods and culinary offerings.

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