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Celebrating St. Joseph’s Day with Traditional Zeppole Treats at Francesco’s Italian Bakery

by Celia

CHARLTON, Mass. — As March 19th marks St. Joseph’s Day, communities around the world gather to honor the life and legacy of Joseph, the revered husband of Mary and earthly father of Jesus.

At Francesco’s Italian Bakery in Charlton, the spirit of St. Joseph’s Day comes alive through the cherished tradition of indulging in zeppole, a beloved Italian dessert. According to Manager Gianna Manzi, while the preparation of zeppole varies from place to place, their version features puff pastries filled with luscious vanilla custard and strawberry, generously topped with Italian cream, fresh strawberries, and a dusting of powdered sugar.

By Tuesday afternoon, the bakery had already seen brisk sales, with over 100 zeppoles flying off the shelves. Manzi emphasized the significance of this sweet treat within the Catholic tradition, particularly in Italy, where St. Joseph’s Day holds special cultural and religious importance.

“We love being able to supply people with zeppole because it is a traditional Italian treat,” Manzi remarked. “For people of Italian descent, it’s a big deal. A zeppole symbolizes abundance and joy, making it a perfect indulgence to share with family and loved ones.”

Francesco’s Italian Bakery, founded by Gianna’s father 25 years ago, remains committed to upholding the cherished traditions of Italian cuisine and culture. As St. Joseph’s Day approaches, the bakery is gearing up to satisfy the zeppole cravings of its patrons, with the delectable treats available for purchase through Easter.

Customers have the option to pre-order their zeppoles or simply stop by the bakery to pick them up, ensuring that the spirit of St. Joseph’s Day continues to be celebrated with joy, abundance, and the irresistible taste of this beloved Italian delicacy.

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