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Krispy Kreme to launch ‘First Communion’ doughnuts in Ireland

by Celia

Krispy Kreme, the renowned doughnut and coffee chain, is expanding its offerings in the Irish market with the introduction of “first holy communion” doughnuts. This move is part of the brand’s new strategy to cater to its Irish customers with special collections.

Declan Foley, Krispy Kreme’s country manager, highlighted the brand’s focus on offering unique products tailored to the Irish market. “If we look at St. Patrick’s Day doughnuts, for example, that’s something specific to Ireland, and this year as well, we will do some communion-based doughnuts available on ‘click and collect’,” Foley stated.

Although Krispy Kreme originated in the US, it entered the Irish market via the UK, where doughnuts are comparatively less popular. However, the brand’s Irish-specific ranges, including those tailored for the annual communion and confirmations celebrations, have gained traction.

“The Irish consumer’s relationship with the doughnut is stronger than in the UK, so it’s a stronger marketplace, relatively speaking,” noted Jamie Dunning, UK and Ireland managing director. Dunning emphasized the brand’s familiarity and resonance with Irish consumers.

Krispy Kreme made its debut in Ireland with its first store at Blanchardstown Centre in 2018, breaking international records on its opening day and week. The Blanchardstown location continues to be a significant contributor to Irish sales, accounting for about a third of all sales nationwide.

With 15 stores now spread across the country, including recent openings in Galway, Cork, and Limerick, Krispy Kreme has further expanded its presence. The brand has also partnered with over 100 retailers, introducing branded doughnut cabinets in collaboration with Applegreen, Supermac’s, and Plaza Group.

Last year, Krispy Kreme’s Irish sales reached €10 million, reflecting substantial growth. Looking ahead, the company eyes continued expansion, with a focus on potential locations in Northern Ireland, where it currently has no presence.

“In our growth mindset, we’ve gone from aggressive to opportunistic,” explained Dunning, emphasizing the brand’s adaptable approach. Krispy Kreme plans to enhance its online presence, introducing “click and collect” and delivery options within the next 12 months.

Additionally, the brand aims to target smaller retail stores with a more convenient format over the next two years. Krispy Kreme’s workforce in Ireland has grown significantly, with nearly 200 employees compared to 40 in 2022, including around 60 at its Kildare factory, which opened two years ago.

Despite facing inflation challenges, particularly with rising ingredient costs, Krispy Kreme remains optimistic about stabilizing prices. “We feel we’re there now with price and that cost-base challenge, particularly ingredients, will be starting to stabilize,” remarked Mr. Foley.

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