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Beloved founder of Greenbush Bakery, ‘Donut Man’, remembered by family

by Celia

The Madison community mourns the loss of Marvin Miller, affectionately known as the “Donut Man” and founder of Greenbush Bakery, as his family fondly remembers the legacy he leaves behind. Miller, who passed away earlier this month, opened Greenbush Bakery on Regent Street in 1996, marking the beginning of a cherished chapter in the city’s culinary landscape.

Reflecting on her father’s unexpected venture into the bakery business, Miller’s daughter Lisa Carlson shared, “He said to my mom, ‘I bought a bakery today.’ My mom was working full time as a nurse and she’s like, ‘He did what?’ He did many things throughout his life but having a bakery was not on his list.” Despite being in his fifties at the time, Miller embarked on this entrepreneurial journey with zeal, laying the foundation for what would become a beloved institution in Madison.

For three generations, the Miller family has been synonymous with Greenbush Bakery, with Miller’s grandson Taylor Carlson now serving as a co-owner alongside Lisa, who continues to contribute to the shop’s operations. Taylor reminisced about his grandfather’s hands-on approach, recalling how Miller would involve him in various tasks around the bakery from a young age. “Growing up, my grandpa would bring me into the bakery, babysitting me and he’d have me fold boxes or sweep or paint the fences outside and, you know, throw me ten, twenty dollars here and there,” Taylor shared, highlighting the familial bond woven into the fabric of the business.

Despite its growth over nearly three decades, Greenbush Bakery remains true to its roots as a family-owned enterprise. Lisa emphasized their commitment to preserving the essence of the business as a welcoming community hub. “We’re a family business and we have families that come in, we have customers that come in that we’ve had that known my dad forever,” she affirmed. Both Lisa and Taylor aspire to cultivate an atmosphere where every patron feels like an extension of their own family.

As the Madison community bids farewell to Marvin Miller, his indelible imprint on the city’s culinary landscape will endure through the enduring legacy of Greenbush Bakery. “Everybody in the town knows who Marv is and I think just the relationships that he’s built over the years are pretty special,” Taylor remarked, underscoring Miller’s profound impact on the community he served.

A funeral service honoring Marvin Miller’s life will take place on Sunday, honoring his wishes for a celebration reflective of his vibrant spirit. In lieu of traditional fare, loved ones will gather to honor Miller’s memory with his favorite indulgences: donuts and beer, a fitting tribute to the man who brought joy to countless lives through his passion for baking.

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