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Second Toronto location for bakery known for French pastries

by Celia

Toronto is set to welcome a new addition to its thriving culinary scene, as one of the city’s top French bakeries prepares to unveil its second location.

Bomou Artisanal Bakery, renowned for its delectable array of flaky pastries, fresh bread, and delightful cakes, has been delighting Leaside residents since 2020 from its Bayview shop. Now, eager to extend its reach, Bomou is gearing up to make its mark in another neighborhood.

Establishing a reputation for delivering an authentic Parisian experience through its freshly baked, delicious, and visually stunning treats, Bomou’s expansion was inevitable.

The new bakery location will find its home in Rosedale, occupying a corner retail space at 1075 Yonge Street. Currently undergoing the final stages of renovations, the bakeshop is poised to open its doors soon.

While an exact opening date has yet to be confirmed, a representative from Bomou has assured blogTO that they are aiming for a debut by the end of April, ensuring that the anticipation of Rosedale residents is met with swift satisfaction.

In the interim, patrons can indulge in Bomou’s culinary delights at its original location on 1636 Bayview Ave, treating themselves to a cream-filled croissant, a velvety cappuccino, or a replenishment of their homemade honeyed walnuts.

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