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Bakery under fire for masquerading Dunkin’ doughnuts as its own vegan, gluten-free treats

by Celia

A Long Island bakery finds itself embroiled in controversy as allegations surface regarding the misrepresentation of its products. Michelle Siriani, owner of the vegan bakery Savory Fig, stands accused of passing off Dunkin’ doughnuts as her own creations, falsely claiming them to be vegan and gluten-free. The ensuing uproar has ignited a firestorm on the internet.

The unfolding of events commenced when CindySnacks, a vegan grocery store, publicly disclosed accusations against Savory Fig. John and Cindy, proprietors of CindySnacks, took to Instagram to detail their grievances. Their post outlined an incident wherein they received an order featuring doughnuts adorned with a distinctive pink frosting and orange and pink “D”-shaped sprinkles—reminiscent of Dunkin’s signature design.

Suspicions arose when the duo reached out to Siriani seeking clarification on the authenticity of the delivery. Despite Siriani’s attempts to justify the sprinkles as custom decorations sourced from Amazon, discrepancies emerged upon comparison with products ordered directly from the retailer. Moreover, subsequent testing revealed the presence of gluten in the doughnuts, contradicting claims of them being gluten-free.

In response to the revelations, John and Cindy severed all ties with Savory Fig and issued a public apology via Instagram, expressing remorse for inadvertently exposing customers to potentially harmful products. They also informed their followers of their decision to escalate the matter by involving the Supervisor at the Division of Food Safety and Inspection from NY Agriculture and Markets.

Online reactions to the controversy have been swift and condemning, with some denouncing the deception as “disgusting” and “lazy,” while others emphasize the potential life-threatening consequences of such deceitful practices.

Despite mounting public interest, CindySnacks has declined media inquiries, affirming their commitment to prioritizing the safety of their community over engaging in further discourse on the matter. Their decision underscores a steadfast dedication to safeguarding the welfare of consumers and upholding ethical standards within the industry.

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