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Coming to The Railyard: Buttery Nutt Bakery

by Celia

Grayson anticipates a delightful addition to its culinary landscape as Buttery Nutt Bakery prepares to open its doors at The Railyard this coming May. The establishment promises to offer a tempting array of baked goods, artisanal coffee, and specialty cakes within a contemporary setting.

Owner Elizabeth Nutt, boasting a culinary tenure of approximately 12 years as a pastry chef in the Atlanta area, now ventures into entrepreneurship with her own bakery. Nutt expressed her excitement for this new chapter, stating, “I figured it was time to try to branch out on my own and see where things take me.”

Patrons can look forward to indulging in a diverse selection of treats, including gourmet cookies in enticing flavors such as red velvet and berry oatmeal, alongside delectable dessert bars and an assortment of coffee beverages. The menu will also feature a variety of breakfast pastries, from muffins to cinnamon rolls and stuffed croissants. Nutt aims to offer both signature flavors and rotating specials to entice customers.

However, the pièce de résistance of Buttery Nutt Bakery will undoubtedly be its specialty cakes, a craft in which Nutt has honed her expertise throughout her culinary career.

The bakery’s interior is currently undergoing construction, with plans for completion within the next six to seven weeks preceding its anticipated opening in May. Expect a sleek, modern ambiance complemented by blonde wood finishes, designed to accentuate the presentation of the desserts. Nutt explained, “I wanted everything to be fresh and white so the dessert itself can stand out more.”

Nutt, a mother of two young sons, was drawn to The Railyard for its family-friendly atmosphere and diverse dining and entertainment offerings. She noted, “When we went to the area, everything was family-oriented, with the outdoor scenic area. I loved the idea of people being able to go outside, walk around and go place to place. You have options.”

Situated in Gwinnett County, northeast of Atlanta, The Railyard boasts a vibrant mix of restaurants and retail establishments. Buttery Nutt Bakery joins a lineup of upcoming and existing businesses at the development, including The Cozy Cork, a specialty wine boutique slated to open this spring, as well as San Lucas Tex-Mex & Cantina and Sam’s on Main, which are already welcoming guests.

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