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Bakery accused of trying to pass off Dunkin’ Donut as vegan

by Celia

John Stengel and Indiana Kay embarked on a mission when they founded Cindysnacks in 2019: to establish a haven for vegans and individuals with allergies, offering a guilt-free shopping experience devoid of label scrutiny. However, the Long Island-based vegan market now finds itself entangled in a contentious dispute with one of its suppliers, accusing them of jeopardizing customer safety by allegedly selling Cindysnacks products sourced from Dunkin’ (formerly Dunkin’ Donuts).

The controversy erupted on February 23 when Cindysnacks received a pastry delivery from Savory Fig, a vegan and gluten-free bakery founded by Michelle Siriani in 2020. Among the items was a singular doughnut that raised Stengel’s suspicions, prompting him to address the matter in a detailed Instagram post on March 3. The doughnut in question sported glossy pink frosting adorned with pink and orange D-shaped sprinkles.

Concerned about potential allergens, particularly dairy and gluten, commonly found in Dunkin’ products, Stengel allegedly reached out to Siriani on Instagram seeking clarification. Expressing apprehension about endangering customers with severe allergies, Stengel implored Siriani for honesty regarding the doughnut’s origin. In response, Siriani assured him, “These definitely aren’t Dunkin’ Donuts!”

However, a private exchange subsequently made public on Instagram allegedly saw Stengel persistently questioning Siriani about the suspicious doughnut, particularly its unique D-shaped sprinkles. Siriani purportedly directed him to a link for multicolored alphabet sprinkles purchased on Amazon, claiming they were the ones used on the doughnut.

Determined to uncover the truth, Stengel and Kay initiated a thorough investigation, procuring the alphabet sprinkles for comparison. A side-by-side photo shared in the Instagram post starkly illustrated the disparities between the sprinkles Siriani purportedly used and those on the doughnut. Furthermore, Stengel asserts that an at-home gluten test conducted on the doughnut confirmed the presence of allergens. “We can only assume, given this recognizable logo design, where these doughnuts really originated and what additional ingredients they might contain,” Stengel remarked on Instagram.

Amid expressions of remorse to their customers for the breach of trust, Cindysnacks’ proprietors hinted at potential legal action against Siriani for the alleged fraudulent transaction. Siriani has remained silent on the matter, and while Savory Fig’s Instagram account has been deactivated, its Facebook page remains active, inundated with criticisms denouncing Siriani’s purported deceit. This controversy adds to a series of scandals involving the Dunkin’ brand, signaling a turbulent chapter for the renowned chain.

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