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Santa Monica’s famous Sweet Lady Jane bakery reopens after sudden closure

by Celia

Sweet Lady Jane, renowned for its delectable triple berry cake, has made a triumphant return to Santa Monica under new ownership.

Last year, the closure of all six Sweet Lady Jane locations sent shockwaves through the Los Angeles community, citing sluggish sales and high labor costs as reasons for shuttering their doors.

However, the revival of this beloved bakery has brought joy back to its loyal patrons, with the reopening on Monday marking a beacon of hope for fans across the city. Reflecting on the decision to acquire Sweet Lady Jane, CEO Julie Ngu shared her initial disbelief, followed by a resolute determination to bring the bakery back to life.

“When I heard the news, my heart sank. But then I thought, ‘Why not us?’ It just felt like the right move,” expressed Ngu, who brings with her a wealth of experience as the CEO of Pacific French Bakery, a family-owned business.

Despite the bakery’s temporary closure tarnishing its reputation, with reports of wage theft and mismanagement under previous ownership, Ngu is committed to restoring its former glory. She has rehired over 20 former employees and aims to bring back even more, prioritizing a positive work environment alongside the enjoyment of Sweet Lady Jane’s signature cakes.

“Our goal is simple: to do right by our employees and customers alike. We want everyone to take pride in their work and savor every bite of our delicious cakes,” Ngu affirmed.

Looking ahead, the owners have announced plans to reopen the Beverly Hills and Encino locations, spreading the joy of Sweet Lady Jane’s treats to even more neighborhoods in the near future.

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