Home News Searching for America’s best donuts: Underground Donut Tour Launches 2024 Competition with Enhanced Prizes

Searching for America’s best donuts: Underground Donut Tour Launches 2024 Competition with Enhanced Prizes

by Celia

Chicago, March 4, 2024 – The Underground Donut Tour is embarking on its annual quest to discover America’s Greatest Donuts and Donut Shops, extending an invitation to fans across the nation to nominate and cast their votes for their favorites. This year’s competition aims to achieve a remarkable milestone, setting a target of 50,000 votes, underscoring the burgeoning popularity of this delectable initiative.

Since its inception, the America’s Greatest Donuts Contest has witnessed remarkable growth in participation. Commencing with 8,000 votes in its inaugural year and escalating to 22,000 in the subsequent edition, the contest is now eyeing 50,000 votes in 2024. Nominations for donut shops and their signature creations are open from March 4th to March 19th, with the public voting phase scheduled from March 26th to April 15th. Winners, determined by popular vote, are slated to be revealed on May 18th, generating considerable anticipation leading up to National Donut Day on June 7th.

Beyond the coveted title of America’s Greatest Donut: Fan Favorite, winning establishments are poised to receive not only an accolade but also a $500 cash reward for the shop amassing the highest overall votes. In addition, five fortunate voters will seize an opportunity to partake in the Underground Donut Tour at any of its locations across the United States, transforming this competition into not just a celebration of donuts but also a vibrant community event.

Serving as the sponsor for the contest, the Underground Donut Tour has been enchanting donut enthusiasts for nearly nine years, expanding its footprint across the United States and internationally. Present in 25 cities, including locations in Canada, Ireland, and the UK, the tour showcases the finest donuts each region has to offer. This expansion not only underscores the tour’s popularity but also underscores the universal affection for these delectable treats.

As the contest progresses, participants and donut aficionados eagerly await the results, poised to shine a spotlight on the diversity and innovation within America’s donut culture. Beyond the competitive aspect, the Underground Donut Tour remains a conduit for uniting individuals through their shared love for this quintessential comfort food, affirming that donuts are more than just a sugary indulgence; they represent a culinary journey that transcends geographical boundaries.

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