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The rise of Korean kkwabaegi over churros and doughnuts

by Celia

TasteAtlas, a prominent global gourmet platform renowned for its culinary insights, has recently released its highly anticipated list of the ‘Best Donuts in the World’, with South Korea’s kkwabaegi securing an impressive 4th place. Surpassing iconic treats such as Spain’s churros (ranked 24th) and the United States’ doughnut (ranked 35th), kkwabaegi’s recognition highlights its growing popularity on the international stage.

Utilizing a comprehensive methodology, TasteAtlas aggregates ratings from a vast pool of 53,640 food experts and the general public to determine its rankings. Claiming the top three spots on the prestigious list are bomboloni from Italy’s Tuscany region, bola de berlim from Portugal, and graffe napoletane from Italy’s Naples region, respectively.

Describing kkwabaegi’s preparation, TasteAtlas outlines the traditional method of crafting these delectable treats: “Pieces of dough are rolled into ropes, twisted into short braids, then fried in oil on both sides until golden brown. The twisted donuts are rolled in cinnamon sugar while still warm, and kkwabaegi is ready to be enjoyed.” This simple yet irresistible recipe has captivated palates around the globe.

Originating from the late Joseon Dynasty, kkwabaegi has evolved from a market staple to a sought-after delicacy found in upscale cafes and trendy dessert shops. Despite its humble beginnings, kkwabaegi has experienced a resurgence in popularity, particularly in markets like Gwangjang Market in Seoul’s Jongno-gu, where locals and tourists alike queue up to savor its distinct flavors.

Notable establishments like ‘Seongsu-dong Honey Kkwabaegi’ in Seongsu-dong and ‘Dongseong-ro King Glutinous Rice Kkwabaegi’ in Seoul’s Gwanghwamun area have become synonymous with quality kkwabaegi, drawing crowds eager to indulge in freshly fried delights. The rise of retro and traditional tastes has undoubtedly contributed to kkwabaegi’s widespread appeal, making it a must-try dessert for both locals and visitors alike.

Furthermore, the ongoing debate over sugar preferences adds an intriguing dimension to the kkwabaegi experience, with enthusiasts divided between those who advocate for sugar-coated delights and those who appreciate the unadulterated flavor of plain kkwabaegi.

With its irresistible taste and affordable price point, kkwabaegi continues to charm dessert enthusiasts worldwide, solidifying its status as a beloved culinary treasure cherished by many.

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