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New Easter-themed donut of the month from Port Elliot Bakery

by Celia

Port Elliot Bakery, known for its delectable donuts that often spark lengthy queues, has unveiled its newest culinary delight: the ‘Easter Ferrero’ donut, designed to tantalize taste buds with its blend of hazelnut and chocolate flavors. This latest addition to their menu continues the bakery’s tradition of introducing unique monthly flavors, providing yet another irresistible incentive for customers to pay a visit.

The spotlight for February falls on the ‘Donut of the Month,’ which offers a preview of Easter with the introduction of the ‘Easter Ferrero’ donut. Bursting with a luxurious hazelnut-chocolate filling, this creation draws inspiration from the beloved Ferrero Rocher chocolates, promising a decadent experience for enthusiasts of chocolatey treats.

Port Elliot Bakery has garnered acclaim for its diverse range of donut innovations, such as the Apple Crumble with Biscoff cream cheese frosting, Caramilk Caramel Slice donut, and the Marvellous Creations donut, all of which have consistently captivated patrons. Each month, anticipation builds as the bakery unveils its latest donut creation, with the ‘Easter Ferrero’ poised to uphold this tradition of culinary excellence.

In addition to sweet offerings, the bakery introduces a savory option with its new ‘Pie of the Month’: Mac and Cheese with Bacon. This hearty pie combines the comforting flavors of mac and cheese with the savory allure of bacon, providing a savory counterpart to the bakery’s sweet treats.

For those unable to make the journey to Port Elliot but still craving a sugary indulgence to kickstart 2024, Glam Adelaide offers a guide to some of Adelaide’s most beloved bakeries and esteemed patisseries.

Port Elliot Bakery extends a warm invitation to both loyal patrons and newcomers to sample their latest creations. Whether it’s the tempting ‘Easter Ferrero’ donut or the savory Mac and Cheese with Bacon pie, a visit to this cherished establishment promises to satisfy even the most discerning cravings.

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