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Iconic brand and Krispy Kreme announce limited-time chocolate collaboration

by Celia

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has unveiled an enticing new offering for dessert enthusiasts, teaming up with Hershey’s for an exclusive “Chocomania” collection featuring a delectable array of chocolate-infused treats.

Launching on February 19 at select outlets, the Charlotte, North Carolina-based company will introduce four tantalizing new donuts, each meticulously crafted with Hershey’s chocolate coatings, fillings, and drizzles, according to a press release from the brand.

Among the highlights of the collection is the Hershey’s galaxy brownie donut, boasting a sumptuous filling of the brand’s signature dark fudge brownie pieces, enveloped in Hershey’s chocolate icing and adorned with crunchy brownie morsels and vibrant rainbow sprinkles.

For aficionados of contrasting flavors, the black & white chocolate chip dream donut promises a delightful blend of Krispy Kreme’s classic doughnut dipped in luscious white icing, then delicately drizzled with Hershey’s chocolate icing and garnished with miniature chocolate chips.

Meanwhile, the chocolate cake overload donut indulges the senses with Hershey’s fudge-infused old-fashioned cake base, dipped in rich Hershey’s milk chocolate icing and crowned with a generous dollop of Hershey’s dark chocolate fudge buttercream.

Completing the quartet is the Hershey’s chocolate iced donut, featuring the iconic Krispy Kreme doughnut bathed in Hershey’s milk chocolate icing and elegantly finished with a decadent chocolate drizzle.

Dave Skena, global chief brand officer at Krispy Kreme, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “For chocolate and doughnut lovers, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Hershey’s chocolate is the ultimate pairing.” He further emphasized, “But our ‘Chocomania’ collection is on an entirely new level.”

Available for a limited time until March 10, these delectable treats can be enjoyed in-store or conveniently ordered for pickup or delivery through the Krispy Kreme app.

Furthermore, for those unable to visit a Krispy Kreme location, a convenient 6-pack assortment of the “Chocomania” collection is available for daily delivery to participating grocery stores, ensuring that chocolate aficionados everywhere can indulge in this irresistible collaboration.

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