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Brick-and-mortar bakery opens for popular Kamloops macaron maker

by Celia

A beloved macaron artisan in Kamloops has reached a significant milestone in her business journey as she recently acquired the keys to a storefront location, marking a pivotal moment for her growing enterprise.

Ashley Funk, the owner of Mary Ann’s Macarons, has been delighting customers with her vibrant and intricately crafted macarons at local markets for the past three years, operating out of a shared kitchen space. Securing the storefront on 12th Street in Kamloops’s North Shore area represents a realization of her dreams.

Expressing her excitement, Funk shared, “I’m in the right spot, I’m meant to be doing this, and it makes me emotional. I’ve never felt so fulfilled in anything I’ve ever done in my entire life than what I’m doing now.”

Situated within a bustling building alongside various other shops, Funk believes that the new storefront will provide her business with the platform to expand, and she is eager to embrace the opportunities it brings. She added, “I’ve never been in a spot to sustain staff, and I think now with this opportunity and location, it will be possible. If progress keeps going in this direction, I’ll be hiring someone in a couple of months.”

Macarons, a delectable French treat, serve as the centerpiece of Funk’s artisanal offerings. Crafted from scratch, these meringue-based confections boast a delicate balance of sweetness and texture, with Funk infusing creativity into her designs, ranging from custom orders to seasonal variations. From macarons resembling paw prints to whimsical renditions of sushi rolls and characters like the Grinch, Funk’s creativity knows no bounds.

Despite the ongoing preparations in her kitchen and the absence of a business sign, Funk has already seen visitors dropping by, including her landlady Linda Gayfer, who expressed her delight in Funk’s creations, noting, “I didn’t like macarons, but hers are amazing. I’m addicted already after one bite; they dissolve in my mouth, it’s heaven. I’m in trouble.”

For Funk, witnessing people savoring her macarons and experiencing newfound appreciation for the delicacy brings immense joy. Reflecting on her journey, she shared, “Seeing people trying the macarons, hearing them say I never liked macarons before and I’ve tried yours, and yours are the best I ever tried. That’s what I love. It brings me so much joy.”

While Funk’s macarons are available in select boutique stores and wineries across Kamloops, she remains committed to maintaining the artisanal quality of her treats by refraining from mass distribution in larger grocery stores. With a background in the hospitality industry and a desire to create meaningful connections through flavor, Funk’s journey with Mary Ann’s Macarons embodies her passion for delivering delightful experiences, one bite at a time.

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