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Closure for refurbishment of Cornish Bakery, St Ives, Cornwall

by Celia

The St Ives branch of The Cornish Bakery has temporarily ceased operations for expansion and renovation, with plans to unveil an enhanced space for patrons to enjoy. The refurbishment will involve the transformation of the building’s upstairs area to accommodate additional seating and a dynamic art gallery showcasing the works of local artists. Scheduled to reopen its doors on Monday, February 12, the Fore Street establishment aims to provide a more inviting and stylish ambiance for customers, complete with a rotating selection of artwork available for purchase.

With its roots in Mevagissey, Cornwall, The Cornish Bakery emphasizes its commitment to promoting the talents and creations of Cornish artisans. In line with this ethos, the St Ives bakery will feature lighting installations by Cornwall-based Lin Lovekin and Studio Haran, complemented by captivating paintings and illustrations from regional artists Sophie Harding and William Luz. Maintaining the exterior color scheme of India Yellow to harmonize with the local aesthetic, the bakery endeavors to offer a distinctive experience that celebrates Cornwall’s artistic heritage.

Founder and Owner of The Cornish Bakery, Steve Grocutt, expressed enthusiasm for the expansion, citing the evolving nature of the brand and its emphasis on providing a comprehensive bakery experience. Grocutt emphasized the significance of the St Ives location as a hub for local creativity and affirmed the bakery’s role in fostering opportunities for Cornish artists and creatives.

“I am confident it will be the premium space and experience for both residents in, and visitors to, the beautiful town of St Ives,” remarked Grocutt, highlighting the bakery’s evolution as a destination offering more than just coffee. Anticipating the reopening, Grocutt extended a warm invitation to both new and returning customers to explore the revamped St Ives bakery.

Set to resume operations under the stewardship of Bakery Manager Dave Wilding and his team, the St Ives branch will welcome guests daily from 8 am to 5 pm, serving as an ideal stopover for breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon treat for shoppers, tourists, and locals alike.

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