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Demand for Jason Kelce-themed biscuits soars at Liberty Bakery

by Celia

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As the Kansas City Chiefs gear up for the AFC Championship game, fans are expressing their enthusiasm in unique and delectable ways. From cookie cake creations to friendly food wagers, the city is abuzz with anticipation.

At Eileen’s Cookies in Liberty, the excitement has taken the form of 100 cookie cake orders, each featuring a unique design inspired by Chiefs’ tight end, Jason Kelce. Store manager and designer, Hannah Stumpner, drew inspiration from Kelce’s celebratory moment during last Sunday’s game when his brother, Travis Kelce, scored a touchdown against the Buffalo Bills.

Stumpner humorously remarked, “I did not expect chest hair to be so appetizing. At this point, we stopped officially taking orders because it’s crazy, it’s crazy.” The cookie cakes, featuring Jason Kelce with his shirt off, have become a hot commodity, capturing the spirit and excitement that permeates the city as the AFC Championship approaches.

Meanwhile, Joe’s Kansas City BBQ is amplifying the fan fervor by engaging in a food wager with Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in Baltimore. Eric Tadda, the Director of Marketing at Joe’s, revealed the terms of the wager, stating, “Put our Z-man on the line, they’re gonna put their Maryland crab cakes on the line.” If the Chiefs emerge victorious, Kansas City, Kansas firefighters will be treated to a seafood feast, but if the Ravens secure the win, the Baltimore Fire Department will savor some of Kansas City’s renowned barbecue.

Tadda emphasized the significance of their Z-man sandwich, stating, “Annually we’ll serve just over 200,000 a year of those sandwiches, so it is our biggest staple that we do.” The wager not only adds a playful element to the intense game but also underscores the culinary pride each city holds.

To further fan the flames of excitement, Joe’s BBQ is offering a special price for a slab of ribs on Friday and Saturday leading up to the AFC Championship game. Normally priced at $28, the ribs are now available for $20, providing fans with a savory incentive to partake in the pre-game festivities.

As Kansas City anticipates a thrilling showdown in the AFC Championship, these spirited expressions of fandom through culinary creations and friendly wagers showcase the vibrant and communal spirit that unites the city behind its beloved Chiefs.

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