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Delayed reopening of Winchell’s Donut House in Longmont

by Celia

Longmont’s Winchell’s Donut House, located at 502 Main St., is expected to reopen in mid to late March, according to owner Joe Barmada. However, Barmada emphasized that the timeline could be subject to change as the business grapples with financial challenges and a shortage of contract workers.

The donut shop has been closed since December 2021 when a vehicle crashed into it while attempting to park. Fortunately, no serious injuries occurred, but the incident resulted in approximately $500,000 worth of damages. Since then, the rising cost of building materials has created complications with insurance claims and subsequently hindered progress with contractors.

Barmada expressed frustration, describing the situation as “drama and confusing” and noted that the timing has been particularly challenging. Despite having plans in motion, the delay in reopening is attributed to the need for plumbing renovations and electrical upgrades.

“It’s like … rebuilding a new building, literally,” Barmada explained.

Last fall, Boulder County Public Health reviewed Winchell’s plans and issued a conditional approval letter for construction to proceed in May. As of now, there is no new information available from the health department regarding Winchell’s reopening.

Despite the setbacks, Barmada affirmed his commitment to reopening Winchell’s. He has already invested in new equipment and grand opening signs for the shop. Winchell’s Donut House has been a family-owned business in Longmont since 1998.

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