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Baked Collective: A Haven for Artisanal Baked Delights in Southern Sydney

by Celia

Laura Capewell, the creative force behind Baked Collective, can often be found with fingers adorned in vibrant food coloring as she tirelessly crafts her confectionery masterpieces. Formerly known as Cakes By Cape, Capewell’s cake-baking and design venture took on a new identity with the opening of Baked Collective in November, nestled amid the bustling atmosphere of southern Sydney.

Situated beside The Boulevarde, a busy four-lane road, Baked Collective offers an unexpected sanctuary of refined and inventive baked treats. While more bakery than cafe, its inviting space accommodates six tables for patrons to savor the delights of exquisitely soft vanilla passion cupcakes, Biscoff slices with velvety layers, and an array of tempting baked creations.

Capewell’s dedication to crafting every slice, cupcake, brownie, cookie, or biscuit on display is evident. The bakery boasts an array of offerings, including fat gingerbread, M&M, and chocolate chip cookies, with gluten-free options available. Pricing is straightforward, with each cupcake, slice, or brownie priced at $5.50.

The bakery’s clientele ranges from school children enjoying fairy cupcakes to hospital staff indulging in the inventive “cake boxes” – a delightful mix of buttercream, cake offcuts, and house-made raspberry jam, served in round plastic containers. Capewell’s commitment to minimizing waste is evident in this creamy, jam-infused creation.

While the front of the bakery showcases an array of delectable treats under glass domes and in glass cabinets, Capewell toils behind the scenes from dawn to dusk, creating bespoke cake designs and preparing batches of cookies for nationwide delivery.

Baked Collective’s offerings extend beyond the traditional, with Capewell’s cake designs reflecting a diverse range of shapes, colors, and piping varieties. Her meticulous work is showcased in heart-shaped varieties, towering structures with retro pinks and vibrant hues, and gravity-defying, shaggy creations.

Capewell, who transitioned from a career as a flight attendant to pursue her passion for cakes, embraces the science behind her craft, adapting to temperature and humidity changes that impact her intricate icing work. With an arsenal of over 200 piping tips and more than 40 icing hues, Capewell continues to push the boundaries of cake design.

Reflecting on the evolving trends in cake design, Capewell notes the shift towards vintage and retro-style cakes, characterized by bright colors that captivate the eye. As she navigates the world of cake design, Capewell is not only the creative force behind Baked Collective but also a bride-to-be, preparing to craft her own extravagant wedding cake in 2024. With her penchant for innovation and exacting standards, Capewell anticipates a grand, visually stunning creation for her upcoming nuptials.

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