Home News Bringing comfort and coffee to Virginia Beach with Oceana Bakery

Bringing comfort and coffee to Virginia Beach with Oceana Bakery

by Celia

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Operation Brew Coffee and Bakery has recently unveiled its doors near Oceana in Virginia Beach, fulfilling the dream of owner Teiana Lukianchuk. A passionate coffee enthusiast, Lukianchuk’s vision was to create a space where people could enjoy not only exceptional coffee but also a delightful experience.

“If you just want coffee, you can always go to Wawa… but if you want great coffee and a great experience, you come to Operation Brew!” Lukianchuk exclaimed with a smile.

Operation Brew offers a variety of specialty lattes and signature coffees, with the Strawberry Bliss and Warm Honey Lattes emerging as favorites among the team.

The establishment goes beyond coffee, crafting all its food fresh and in-house. Lukianchuk shared, “We have Basque cheesecake, which is totally European; we have meringue, honey cake, napoleon, even our croissants are served with chantilly cream, which is very European.”

The European-style menu is a deliberate choice for Lukianchuk, who hails from Ukraine and aims to bring a part of her culture and coffee traditions to the United States. Amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, she feels a responsibility to share her culture with others.

“You’ve got to do something because if you don’t do something, it’s going to make it worse. If you share with your customer: ‘Hey, I’m Ukrainian owner, this is my coffee shop,'” Lukianchuk emphasized.

For her, the act of sharing her coffee shop is multi-faceted. She desires for Operation Brew to be a welcoming and homey space for everyone.

“I guess because I did not always feel this way myself, I want people to feel safe in here and good and see that they are welcomed.”

Operation Brew serves as Lukianchuk’s personal haven. “I feel like I finally completed my mission. I did not know my spot anywhere in the world; I guess that goes for anyone that is foreign. Now I feel like I have two homes, finally.”

With a warm invitation, Lukianchuk hopes that patrons, too, can find a sense of home at Operation Brew. “People love good coffee, and good desserts and good food, so here we go,” she concluded with a smile.

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