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Massive demand for king cakes keeps Le Bakery in Biloxi busy

by Celia

BILOXI, Miss. – The king cake craze is in full swing, and Le Bakery in Biloxi is experiencing a surge in demand. Just days into the season, customers are lining up for orders of the iconic Mardi Gras treat.

Sue Le Nguyen-Torjusen, owner of Le Bakery, expressed her surprise at the enthusiastic response. “I really wasn’t expecting a big crowd on the opening day, just because we have so many great choices with bakeries here on the Coast,” she noted. Despite the competition, Le Bakery drew a significant crowd, selling out within 25 minutes of opening, with a line forming out the door even before business hours.

Nguyen-Torjusen attributed the brisk sales to the combination of pre-orders and walk-ins. She acknowledged the brevity of this year’s king cake season, as Mardi Gras falls on Feb. 13. The condensed timeline intensifies the demand for this festive treat.

With the upcoming Mardi Gras weekend packed with events like carnival balls, parades, Lunar New Year, Super Bowl Sunday, Lundi Gras, and Valentine’s Day, Le Bakery, along with other bakeries in South Mississippi, is gearing up for a busy season. Nguyen-Torjusen highlighted the diversity of their offerings, mentioning that Le Bakery will also create non-Mardi Gras king cakes for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter. The bakery is poised to meet the varied demands of its customers during this vibrant season of celebrations.

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