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Waco bakery makes 1000 Rosca de Reyes to celebrate Three Kings Day

by Celia

WACO, Texas — In celebration of January 6th, a pivotal day in Mexican culture known as Three Kings’ Day, Jimenez Bakery in McLennan County marked the occasion by crafting 1000 Rosca De Reyes, a traditional king cake. The bakery commenced the baking process at 3 am on Friday, transforming their entire store into a hub for this significant cultural celebration.

The Rosca De Reyes, adorned with symbolic sweets on top, represents the gifts of gold, myrrh, and frankincense—the offerings brought to Baby Jesus by the three wise men. As part of this Mexican tradition, a small toy baby is concealed within the cake. The person who discovers the figurine in their slice is bestowed with the responsibility of preparing tamales for the group on February 2nd.

Nora Casales, the manager of Jimenez Bakery, expressed the pride of being part of a tradition that spans over a decade. “It’s truly a tradition of ours that we’ve done for so many years, and for us being Mexican, we feel proud to be a part of it,” shared Casales.

The symbolic sweets atop the Rosca De Reyes hold cultural significance, embodying the gifts presented to Baby Jesus. Casales explained, “The sweets that go on top of the cake symbolize the gifts the three kings brought to baby Jesus, so the gold, myrrh, and frankincense.”

The hidden toy baby in the cake symbolizes the birth of Jesus. If a person’s slice contains the baby, tradition dictates that they host a celebration at their home on February 2nd, complete with tamale preparation.

Waco residents enthusiastically embrace the tradition, coming together on Three Kings’ Day to enjoy hot chocolate, cut the Rosca, and spend quality time with family. The celebration holds sentimental value, connecting individuals with their childhood memories and fostering a sense of cultural continuity.

Beyond the Rosca De Reyes tradition, another Mexican custom unfolds on the night of January 5th. Children write wish lists, place them in their shoes, and position the footwear beneath the Christmas tree. In line with the story of the three kings, children receive gifts, echoing the offerings brought to Jesus.

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