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Celebrating 60 years in Canada, four Tim Hortons classic donuts return

by Celia

Canada’s beloved multinational coffeehouse and restaurant chain, Tim Hortons, is gearing up to mark its 60th anniversary by reintroducing four iconic donut flavors as part of a limited-time celebration.

Starting January 10, 2024, patrons will have the chance to savor the nostalgic delights of the Dutchie, the Blueberry Fritter, the Cinnamon Sugar Twist, and the Walnut Crunch, all of which are making a temporary comeback in honor of the milestone anniversary.

Expressing gratitude for the enduring support of Canadians, Tim Hortons President Axel Schwan remarked, “We are honoured that for nearly six decades, so many Canadians have considered their local Tims a home away from home and have chosen to spend a part of their daily lives with us.”

Schwan went on to share the company’s excitement about the upcoming 60th anniversary, saying, “As we get ready to celebrate the official 60th anniversary of Tim Hortons opening its first restaurant on May 17, 1964, we are planning a number of exciting ways to mark the occasion with our guests throughout the year.”

Beyond the donut revival, the anniversary festivities will include a distinctive 60th-anniversary logo adorning new cups, donut boxes, and Timbit boxes. This special emblem will be featured across all Tim Hortons establishments in Canada, serving as a symbolic nod to the brand’s enduring presence in the country. As the celebrations unfold, patrons can look forward to a year filled with exciting tributes to Tim Hortons’ rich history and its integral role in Canadian culture.

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