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Marvellous donut of the month unveiled at Port Elliot Bakery

by Celia

Port Elliot Bakery, renowned for crafting delectable donuts that draw eager crowds down Main Street, is ushering in the new year with a delectable treat. The inaugural ‘Donut of the Month’ for 2024, the ‘Marvellous Creations Donut,’ draws inspiration from Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations Chocolate, promising a seriously sweet start to the year.

Emulating its Cadbury muse, the Marvellous Creations Donut boasts jelly-filled popping candy beanies and a lusciously satisfying chocolate coating. Building on the success of previous creations, such as the irresistible Apple Crumble with Biscoff cream cheese frosting, the Caramilk Caramel Slice donut, and the recent Christmas-inspired Pavlova Smash donut, Port Elliot Bakery continues to leave customers craving more.

Despite the plethora of bakeries in the area, Port Elliot’s ‘Donut of the Month’ holds a magical allure that consistently draws patrons back for more.

For those not inclined towards sweets, fear not; Port Elliot Bakery caters to diverse tastes with its equally impressive ‘Pie of the Month.’ This month’s savory offering is the tantalizing Hawaiian Steak Pie.

If a trip to Port Elliot seems out of reach but the craving for a sweet indulgence persists, Glam Adelaide provides a guide to some of Adelaide’s beloved bakeries and iconic patisseries.

Whether you’re a loyal fan of Port Elliot Bakery or a newcomer intrigued by their monthly delights, the consensus is clear – these treats are well worth the wait. Venture south this January to experience the Marvellous Creations Donut, and indulge in the magic that has patrons returning time and again for these monthly delights.

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