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Well-known Rapid City doughnut shop purchased by young couple

by Celia

Rapid City, S.D. – The allure of owning a business often matures with age, but for Garrett and Macey Schmidt, the dream unfolded in their mid-20s when serendipity struck and a friend mentioned the availability of Daylight Donuts on St. Patrick Street.

Seizing the opportunity on a whim, the Schmidts decided to dive headfirst into entrepreneurship.

“What started as a bit of a joke, we just saw it pop up for sale,” shared Garrett. Turning to Macey, he proposed, “Hey, you wanna buy a donut shop?”

Having navigated the waters of the retail sector for a considerable time, Garrett was yearning for a change of pace. While the Schmidts are enthusiastic about their newfound venture, the reality of owning and operating a doughnut shop reveals itself as no cakewalk. The couple embarks on their daily journey at eight o’clock each night, meticulously baking large batches to meet the demands of convenience stores scattered across Rapid City. Subsequently, they gear up for the influx of early morning customers seeking a delectable treat.

Describing the process, Garrett emphasized, “Dough after dough after dough.” Although venturing into any business carries inherent risks, the Schmidts exude confidence that the fruits of their labor will be as sweet as the treats they lovingly craft.

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