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Top-selling drinks and doughnuts at Tim Hortons across Canada in 2023 revealed

by Celia

In a delightful shake-up within the delectable world of Tim Hortons, the much-loved Apple Fritter has dethroned the longstanding ruler, the Boston Cream, securing its position as the nation’s most beloved Tim Hortons donut.

According to Axel Schwan, President of Tim Hortons, “The Apple Fritter has always been a top donut at Tims, but since adding 40 per cent more apples to our recipe last year, I can confidently say we’ve never made a better version of this all-time classic.”

Fear not, Boston Cream devotees! The custard-filled delight still maintains its regal status as the favored donut in Atlantic Canada.

As the sun rises, many Canadians are relishing the Sausage Farmer’s Wrap, a harmonious blend of Tims’ sausage patty, a freshly cracked egg, a crispy hash brown, and chipotle sauce, making it the go-to morning munch.

For those with a penchant for bagels, the Everything Bagel has taken the crown, offering a symphony of flavors to kickstart the day.

In the realm of Timbits, the Chocolate Glazed Timbit steals the spotlight, becoming a true favorite among Canadians. Meanwhile, the Dream Cookie, featuring M&M’S Minis, leads the pack among the newly introduced flavors.

Quenching thirst with finesse, the classic Double Double maintains its grip as the most beloved coffee order, while the Tims Iced Capp emerges as the undisputed ruler of cold beverages. Espresso enthusiasts continue to favor the Tims Latte, adding a touch of sophistication to their sips.

Beyond savoring their favorite treats, Tim Horton’s patrons have demonstrated increased support for charitable endeavors in 2023. The company raised a staggering $44 million through campaigns such as Camp Day, Smile Cookie, Holiday Smile Cookie, Special Olympics Donut, and the Orange Sprinkle Donut campaign.

For those utilizing the app for orders, Fridays at 9 a.m. saw a surge in delivery orders via the Tims app, with hash browns securing the spotlight as the most ordered item during this busy time slot.

Venturing into grocery stores, the Chicken Noodle soup emerged as the top-selling flavor.

Here’s to another year of delightful discoveries at Timmies!

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